Ing. Stephan van der Steen

Systematic, effective and efficient processes for plastics,

from the idea into series production and beyond, worldwide!

Your finished plastic product is my focus. Selling your plastic product generates your sales and your profits.

Many companies are certified to quality standards. The standards prescribe WHAT has to be done to achieve quality. It is also important HOW the quality - as simply as possible - can be achieved.

Many companies have - by their own account - complex processes. Complex processes require specialists and experts with special knowledge and skills.

With targeted transfer of expertise and systematics, complex processes may be simplified. The superlative of genius is simple, straightforward. Why complex, when it may be (more) simple? 

With my 30 years of experience in the world of plastics, I know that processes can often be done differently, more simply. And, moreover, better for your product, for your company, for your customers and our environment.

Since the 1st of July 2022, I have been working as an independent mechanical/plastics engineer. As an independent specialist, I support my clients with systematic, effective and efficient processes for and with plastics. From the idea to production and beyond. And because plastics are processed globally, I am also active in the various plastics sectors worldwide: currently in Europe, Asia and Africa.

When assisting from the idea to production, you will be able to experience that my systematic, effective and efficient processes clearly create added values and simple solutions.

My working content includes, among other things, 

  • support in the preparation of specifications (product, plastic, mould, process machine, periphery),
  •  support in product concept and design, 
  • simulations (rheological, thermal, mechanical),  
  • mould construction, 
  • sampling, 
  • start-ups  
  • technical services in production.
  • project management
  • specialised trainings in Dutch, German, English or French, for newcomers and experienced professionals

In my work as an IHK expert for plastics (5050) for the special field of "thermoplastic injection moulding" supplemented with the setup of expert reports for courts, lawyers and insurance companies.

As a Mechanical/Plastic Engineering Engineer, my portfolio includes the following processes:

  • Compact injection moulding and the special injection moulding processes: Gas and water injection, foaming, multi-component/multi-colour injection moulding, in-mould decoration (IMD), in-mould labelling (IML), foil insert moulding (FIM), hybrid injection moulding, insert and outsert moulding.
  • Extrusion:  film blow moulding, flat film extrusion, cavity blow moulding and compounding
  • Thermoforming,

The plastics portfolio covers thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers, silicones, thermosets and combinations. 

In addition to plastics, the recycling of plastics, energy-efficient productions and maintenance are very important for me personally, important for all of us.

Plastics and processes are my passion and also my personal responsibility for a better product and for a better environment.

I am happy to advise and assist you in the conscious and responsible use of plastics and processes. For your product, for your company, for your customers and for our world!

Interested in these systematic, effective and efficient processes for plastics, from idea to production and beyond, worldwide?

If so, please contact me, it will be worth your while.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to an informative and constructive cooperation!